Looking for the winning streak

Hi everyone,

It’s very late on Sunday night, but not enough time has passed to digest the draw against West Ham, to be honest. This 1-1 would be easier to take if it came after a winning streak, but this is not the case. A few days ago we beat Feyenoord in a good game. We were playing to stay in the Europa League and the team delivered; we enjoyed ourselves on the pitch and scored several goals. So far in the Premiership, though, we haven’t found that consistency, that winning streak that is so much needed and that we’re working so much to achieve. When we seem to be close to a victory, it just slips away…

I’m talking mainly about the Premier League games at Old Trafford, which is even more upsetting because playing in front of our fans is an extra, and that’s how we feel. But we must convert that desire to win and that frustration into more victories, more points. That will give us more confidence and will eventually lead to a good run of results. You feel helpless after these games when you think that you’ve played better than the opponent, that you’ve had chances to score and the goalkeeper has had a fantastic performance. But we can’t complain, we can’t just blame the bad luck. We know we must find the target more often to score more goals. We are doing what is more difficult: being able to create those chances, and now we have to take them. Otherwise, at this level you get penalised as we have seen lately.

I’m having a look at the calendar and I see that we have eight games to play before the end of the year. In my opinion, having so many games in such a short period is something positive because we are eager to play again. Starting with the EFL Cup, again with West Ham, and then visiting Everton the next weekend. Two good games would help us to approach the Christmas season with more optimism. That would be very important because these few weeks are going to be very demanding, and every single team in the competition will struggle to get good results.

I’m signing off now, there’s nothing much to add except that I’m looking forward to the next game. We feel so upset as you do when we lose points, I’m sure you understand that, but we have to carry on, once and again. That’s the only way I know.

Thank you for your support. Hugs,

Juan Mata


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