A double trip to London

The week is having a strong start: tomorrow, Tuesday, we face Watford so we have to recover quickly and get ready for the game, there is no time to waste. Actually, this is the main challenge for professional clubs nowadays: finding the right balance between the work after and before two games when you only have three or four days in between.

The character of a comeback

Last Saturday was a happy start of a marathon of fixtures that will take us straight to Christmas, a series of games that will demand the maximum effort from us.

Very important months approaching

I’ve been switching off from football for a few days. As you know, we are in the middle of another international break, so the clubs get some time off and I took the opportunity to travel, visit my family and rest.

Let’s carry on without losing perspective

It’s not easy to write after a defeat. Obviously, there’s a risk that you get carried away by pessimism. But my experience tells me that you must allow some time to analyse things with more perspective.

Two top-level games

One week later we are back to the victories, just to validate the consistency and strength that the team is showing since the season started. Winning against Swansea in the Carabao Cup and Tottenham in the Premier League, in both cases with clean sheets, show what we’ve been saying on this blog every week: this team can compete.

Stay United and carry on

Writing to you after a defeat is rather unusual this season, that’s the truth. We were on a very positive run of results, but this weekend we didn’t play a good game and we came back home with no points. We knew this moment would arrive sooner or later, although that’s something you never wish, of course.