An explosion of joy

Today, following our important win on Saturday, it seems a bit easier to be here writing these lines about what has happened during the week. The feeling of scoring a goal in Old Trafford is nearly impossible to describe, but I can tell you that is very special.

Fighting until the end

Today I’m writing to you from home after a defeat that is not easy to take. A derby is always special and the one in Manchester is really intense, you can feel it in the streets during the week. That’s why it’s hard to accept that we have lost and, despite not being able to help my team-mates on the pitch, I can tell you that the whole team is very upset.

It was a special game

As you can imagine, this has been a very intense day for me. A Sunday full of emotions because of the big game against Chelsea. Facing them for the first time was special and the match, very even in my opinion, was tense until the last minute. I think we did a good first half, but we weren’t able to take our chances.

An important game to close the week

I want to tell you how is my last day before playing a game. When we play away from home, and this is the case now, we use to meet up on the eve of the game at Carrington’s training ground. We have our last training session and then we have lunch together -today I shared a table with David and Ander as we followed the scores in European football.

A break at home

Today I’m writing to you from Asturias, shortly before boarding a plane back to Manchester. After a very good week of training I got the weekend off and I thought a good idea to visit my family and friends. I was right. Coming home is always great.

We keep climbing the table

What an important win this weekend against Everton! And for many reasons: it is one more consecutive victory in Old Trafford; it means three points to climb to the top four of the table; winning is the best possible way to face an international break; and many other things. It was a key game but we know there is still a long way ahead.