Let’s keep adding points

As I wrote last week, the team was ready to work hard and keep going in order to overcome our tough start. That sacrifice was shown against West Ham and the three points make us look at the table in a different way now. Once again, the support of Old Trafford was a big help.

We have to stand up and keep going

Today it took me a long time to sit down in front of the computer in order not to miss my weekly meeting with you. I have waited a few hours before facing the white screen to try to express how I feel after the game in Leicester. After a whole week waiting for the match I could not imagine a Sunday like this.

On the right path

I have been looking forward to this for a long time: writing on a Sunday evening just to show how excited we are in the team. On the pitch we could exhibit the team’s potential and we enjoyed our game, and I also have to thank our fans for always being there, for their trust and support.

Welcome ‘Tiger’ @Falcao!

I’m writing to you at the end of a quiet Sunday; rarely do we have a day like this in a football season. During the week I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Lake District. For those of you who don’t know this spectacular area, it’s a National Park near Manchester which is ideal to get lost and relax for a few days.

Welcome Di María and Blind

Another week, we could not get the goal of winning our meeting Premier League, and as I said the other day is not easy to write the blog now, but be in good and not so good. Again, in a game that we came with the need to win, we could only get a point.

Nobody said it would be easy

As you can imagine, my first blog entries of the season are turning a bit complicated. That’s the way it happens when the games don’t go the way you expected, and all you want to do now is to recover and to play the next match as soon as possible. I do think that changes need time. We are talking about a new project, with a new manager and a new style.