A bad start but there is still a long way to go

This is my meeting place with you every week and it has become a tradition. And I was so eager to get started because the preseason has been really exciting. The US tour has produced two very positive weeks, both in terms of results and performance.


This is the last blog’s entry of the season. It’s not my intention to evaluate the year, but I would like to say that keeping this weekly meeting with you, in all kind of situations, has been very important for me, a connection with you wich fills me strength.

A decent farewell

This is another Monday that I have to talk about being unhappy with our result in the weekend… Last Saturday we didn’t win, but also we didn’t play the way we want to and have to. I was feeling good on the pitch, but Sunderland took their first chance to score and we weren’t able to comeback in the second half.

And years fly…

First of all I want to thank you for all your congratulations and messages of support following the game against Norwich. That win was extremely important for sure, since it was a happy ending to a complicated week with big changes, as you know. It was Ryan Giggs’ first game as a manager after plenty of years of success on the pitch, and the truth is everything went well.

Falling down is allowed, getting back up is mandatory

I do know that you may win or lose, that this is sports and it’s part of the game. But I hate this feeling. I feel very disappointed today. This is how you feel when you spend two weeks waiting for a game, getting ready for it, and then things don’t go the way you wanted.

Looking forward to playing again!

Last night, on my way back to Manchester, I was thinking about the last few weeks, games, trips, training sessions… But also about the list of fixtures to play before the end of the season, and obviously I realised that the weeks fly and there are only five remaining games. The truth is I feel very good and I really want to play again, as it’s been a while since the last time I did.