European excitement and good memories

This time I can’t start this post talking about a win, unlike most of the previous weeks this season, but I keep being optimistic and I believe I have reasons for that.

A special week with Anfield on the horizon

The weeks without a club competition seem a bit too long, don’t they? At least we have had some very exciting games with the national teams involved, and we are starting to know the full list of teams that will make it to the World Cup next summer.

Second game in the Champions League: Moscow

I’m getting used to writing to you after a victory, and I know we all like it. What a great routine that is! In this case –last Saturday in Southampton– the win was really tough to get, they didn’t let us play our game and they had chances to tie the score until the end.

Steady pace towards our goals

It’s been an intense and happy week for the Manchester United family, with two games and two convincing wins at Old Trafford, feeling the extraordinary support from our fans.

Champions League football is back at Old Trafford!

A very special week is starting this Monday. The group stage of the Champions League kicks off and we are back there, with the best teams in Europe, the place where Manchester United should always be.