Monday’s game

This week we are playing on Monday, so I can’t talk about the game we’ve played, but rather those which are to come. Today’s match is very tough. Tottenham have been one of the most solid and competitive teams in recent seasons.

Hard to take

Without doubt, it wasn’t a good Sunday and the motivation to write something isn’t really there. The journey back from Brighton was tough, as you can all imagine. Both for us and for everyone that was there to support us.

Thankful for my eighth season in the Premier League

Here I am, a year on, starting the blog up as I do each season with the idea of telling you all about what I’m feeling each Monday, after our matches, and letting you know about anything new or any interesting stories from my daily life. I have to admit, sometimes it isn’t easy to do (especially after a poor result).

I played with Michael Carrick!

Class. On and off the pitch. That is, for sure, the best way to describe Michael in just one word. Class in every minute of his football, making things easy, understanding the game, making the right choices and always looking ahead.

Our thoughts are with Sir Alex Ferguson

This blog’s entry is going to be particularly short, if you don’t mind. This Saturday, all of us were overwhelmed by the news about Sir Alex Ferguson’s health condition.