Very important months approaching

Hi everyone,

I’ve been switching off from football for a few days. As you know, we are in the middle of another international break, so the clubs get some time off and I took the opportunity to travel, visit my family and rest. As from today we’re back to the training ground, with our minds on the game against Newcastle and also thinking about the importance of the next few months, which are full of games, especially during the Christmas season. When those moments arrive, having the team in good shape can be crucial ahead of the second part of the league.

Going back to our game against Newcastle, which is scheduled for next Saturday, they’re much more than just a promoted team, as you know. It’s an important club with several Spaniards in it, such as Rafa Benitez, with whom I was lucky to work in the past; it will be nice to meet him again. We hope to have a good performance, get the three points and keep showing our strength at Old Trafford, same as we’ve been doing so far. It’s a key factor in order to maintain our position on the top side of the table.

Now let’s talk about football not only as a sport but also as a power to unite people and a social tool in the world. Last Thursday we closed the exhibition of the photos we took last summer in India. As many of you know, it’s a collection of pictures showing our visit to the OSCAR Foundation within the Common Goal project. It’s been a fantastic experience, with around 40,000 visitors and many of you commenting on the photos through the website. I want to thank you once again for that; this week we will announce more places where the pictures will be exhibited, so you will be able to keep making your bids for them and perhaps get a nice Christmas present, with your contributions going entirely to the OSCAR Foundation ;-).

A few days ago we welcomed Duncan Watmore to Common Goal, a young and different player to join this movement :-). He was in Manchester United in the past and I’m sure that he will give a lot to the project. Also, I would like to welcome Chris Wondolowski, and international player for the United States who becomes the first footballer from the MLS in Common Goal. Our family keeps growing!

I’m signing off now, I hope you all have a nice week!


Juan Mata


PS: Congratulations to the phenomenal Marc Marquez for winning the MotoGP world title. He’s an outstanding rider and keeps making history despite being still very young. You’re great, Marc!

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