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Hi everyone,

Playing against Liverpool and Manchester City is always special for us and for our fans. On top of that, we will do it in just four days according to the calendar. There’s a very important week ahead: we have the chance to overcome the score of Europa League’s first leg and to shorten the gap with one of our rivals in the Premiership. As from today, we are absolutely focused on having two successful games, although the task is not easy and we are aware of that. We must bring back the spirit of the big games and show that we still have the opportunity to lift trophies. Besides, after Anthony’s late goal we still have the chance to go to Wembley and try to win the FA Cup. I had to follow the game from the stands because of my suspension; it was strange for me… The game was not easy and the draw takes us to a replay where West Ham will now play at home, which is an advantage for them, obviously, but we will go there with the belief that we can win and get to the semi finals. We’ve seen teams like Arsenal or Chelsea being knocked out, but our hope to get this trophy, that the club hasn’t won in a few years, is still alive.

Back to the Europa League, we need to have a good start on Thursday, with intensity. It’s like a final for us. We need a comeback and I’m sure that the atmosphere in Old Trafford will take us closer to that goal. I’m sure it’s possible. In the last few seasons we have played some thrilling games against Liverpool, with some great wins too, and we want to do it one more time. They were better than us in the first leg, but again, we have to produce a memorable European night this Thursday. All together we can do it.

Thank you for your support in this crucial moment of the season. Have a nice week. Hugs,

Juan Mata


PS: Congratulations to PSG for winning the league so early. They have a great team full of talented players, no doubt. And congratulations as well to England’s national rugby team for the victory in the Six Nations. Ever since I came to this country I have learned a little bit more about the great history of this noble sport.
I’m deeply sorry about the news coming from Ivory Coast and Turkey. There are times when you don’t get to understand what the human being is capable of… I hope these attacks are over once and for all.

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