Another birthday at the top

This Friday Juan Mata celebrates his 29th birthday settled in the elite of the Premier League. He has reached (or surpassed) the ten goals in five of his six seasons in England. As a professional, he has only played once on his birthday, and was the protagonist.

Juan Mata turns, this Friday, 29 years. The Asturian is approaching the end of the decade as one of the figures of the Premier League. His impact on the competition was immediate and has continued until now. As a sample, a fact: in five of the six seasons in England he has scored at least ten goals. A regularity against the rival goal very striking for a footballer who is not a forward.

In this season, he had ten goals and six assists between all competitions. Just Ibrahimovic surpassed Mata´s numbers at United, but an operation caused by an inguinal hernia interrupted his pace. The recovery continues in a very satisfactory way and Juan hopes to return soon with his team-mates.

This Friday celebrates his birthday without being able to compete. Also, no ManU match was scheduled, so the calendar respects Mata’s birthday again. In fact, since he is a professional footballer, only on one occasion he played on ‘his’ day. It was April 28, 2013. On that day, Chelsea beat Swansea 2-0, and Juan contributed to the victory by forcing a penalty after a fantastic action.

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