Careful with the champion!

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Spain beats England in Alicante 2-0. Juan Mata came in for Diego Costa when the match was even and he had a good chance to score.

Spain, with the participation of Juan Mata, won 2-0 against England at the Rico Pérez in Alicante. In spite of being a friendly match, this can be taken as a prestigious win for the current champion as they beat a powerful team like England, one of the most powerful teams in Europe. Spain had the initiative nearly all the game and England only reacted when they were losing.

The match was special for Mata. He played against players he knows very well, some of them teammates. His moment came on the 63rd, when he came in for Costa. The Asturian reinforced Spain’s midfield and he gave more control to the team’s offensive play. A couple of minutes later, Mario Gaspar opened the score with an amazing goal.

With 1-0 on the score, Mata could’ve scored but Hart won the one on one. During his international game number 38, Juan showed his particular mobility. He constantly offered good moves and he even collaborated with the centrebacks to create plays from the back. Cazorla, good mate of him, was in charge of scoring the last goal on the 84th.

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