Panenka rewards Juan Mata’s work in Common Goal

The football magazine rewards Mata with the ‘Antonin Especial’. This is the first time this award is given at the Panenka Gala. “I want to thank the magazine for this prize. It makes me proud”, said Juan.

Juan Mata has added a new acknowledgement for his work at Common Goal. The football magazine Panenka has rewarded him with the ‘Antonin Especial’ award. This act has been celebrated for 4 consecutive years, an event in which they give several rewards.

For professional reasons, Juan hasn’t been able to assist the event, held this Monday on the former Estrella Damm fabric in Barcelona. Juan will produce a video in which he will send a thanking message to the Gala.

“I’d like to thank the Panenka magazine for this award. I’m very proud of this. I think the magazine treats football in a special and different way. I really wish it can live much longer”, said Juan Mata in the video.

It’s the first time Panenka gives an ‘Antonin Especial’, dedicated this time to the Common Goal initiative from Juan Mata, a project in which the professionals of football can donate 1% of their income to solidarity projects.

In the act, Panenka talked about overcoming capacity of Sergio Asenjo or the work from José Luis Mendilibar. Also, they gave prizes and awards for the ‘Report of the Year’, ‘Book of the Year’ or the ‘Picture of the Year’.

This is the full list of the winners:

  • ANTONIN OF HONOR: José Luis Mendilibar.
  • ANTONIN OF THE YEAR: Sergio Asenjo.
  • REPORT OF THE YEAR: Abel Rojas (Xabi Alonso’s interview, Ecos del Balón).
  • BOOK OF THE YEAR: Iván Castelló (Salvaje. La imperiosa historia de Jesús Gil y Gil, Contra)
  • PICTURE OF THE YEAR: Francisco Seco.

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