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Juan Mata en redes sociales

Juan Mata’s number of fans in both Facebook and Twitter reaches 15 million. Only ten players in the world reach that number. He has more than 5 millions on Twitter.

With Twitter’s Tenth anniversary as a motive, plenty of data has been displayed regarding the most popular accounts in the social network and results are quite spectacular for Juan. If we add up both Facebook and Twitter followers, only ten former and current players have more than Juan. On that list, Mata (followed by nearly 15 million people) is near Cristiano, Messi, Neymar, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Iniesta or Piqué, and is on top of Ferdinand, Forlán, Henry, Turan or Pelé.

Numbers are also excellent if we only take into account his Twitter followers. Mata is the tenth player on that ranking. More than 5 million followers are in contact with him and his profile is the number 29 in Spain.

Twitter is a very useful tool for United’s player as he can use it to communicate with everybody around the globe. Pictures, videos, comments and everything on his social network let the followers know Juan Mata better.

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