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COMMON GOAL is a charitable project created by streetfootballworld and Juan Mata with the aim of using the immense power of football to generate social change and improve people’s lives. It’s members donate 1% of their income to active projects in all continents.

The initiative saw the light in August 2017 through an article that appeared on ‘The Players Tribune’ in which Juan Mata explained how he discovered football’s great capacity to unite people around the world. Since then, the initiative hasn’t stopped growing and plenty of people are now willing to change the world via football.

The power of football

"It changed my life and it can change plenty of other lives as well"
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Common goal members

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“Common Goal adds a new dimension to my game: translating the power of football into sustainable social change. And that’s a special feeling”.



Common Goal updates

Mata at the Football for Sustainability Summit

Coinciding with the Champions League final, the Football for Sustainability Summit was held in Berlin on 11 and 12 July. A forum organised by Common Goal with the aim of sharing ideas and bringing together influential people and representatives of ‘agents of change’, encouraging them to continue using football to improve people’s lives.

UEFA acknowledges Mata’s social commitment

Thanks to his implication at Common Goal, an organization of which he is co-founder, he has received one of the #EqualGame’s award. Khalida Popal and the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund) have also received the award. “We want people to be able to conduct their future,” said the international Spaniard.

Juan Mata Common Goal

Adidas and Common Goal, hand in hand for a great cause

Until 2023, the German multinational will donate 1% of its net sales of footballs – worldwide – to the movement co-founded by Juan Mata. “This association will help us to use football as a force for good and to unite all to try to address social issues as one,” said the Spaniard.

Mata’s Boxing Day

The YouTube channel of ‘La Media Inglesa’ made a ‘Live’ video on the 26th of December for charitable causes. Juan Mata was one of the protagonists. Nearly 11,000 euros were raised for Common Goal and the Asociación Alacrán 1997.

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