A painful end to a disappointing season

The season has come to an end in England and obviously we head into the summer break disappointed. A defeat on the Premier League’s final weekend was the worst way to finish off what hasn’t been a good campaign for anyone who is part of the Manchester United family.

A point that does little

Before anything else, I want to thank you all for your birthday messages. Waking up in the team hotel and receiving them all is something that’s incredible. I feel very fortunate for all of the care that you have shown me and I wanted to thank you all for that.

Honouring the shirt

Today I truly have no motivation to write anything. I can only imagine the disappointment and sadness that each of you have been feeling since Tuesday.

You have to believe

We are now in what could be the final four weeks of the season and every game is key. You have to mix your desire with responsibility, but you always have to be fully motivated. Tomorrow we have the second leg of the quarter finals of the Champions League and we are travelling to Barcelona with that motivation. Being 0-1 behind isn’t a good scoreline, but we are Manchester United and when you wear this shirt anything is possible.

An exciting week

Today I am writing this at the start of a very special week for everyone involved. All eyes are on Wednesday. The quarter-final stage of the Champions League against Barcelona is, without any doubt, a huge challenge that we have ahead of us, but we are heading into it with excitement and motivation.