A different weekend

How weird it is to have a weekend without football… Well, there’s been a lot of it, but playing on a Monday definitely means that you experience your weekend in a different way.

Hope renewed

Welcome back again :-). It’s the start of a new Premier League season (my ninth in England) and as always at this stage of the campaign we have hope renewed. After agreeing to a new contract with the club and a very positive pre-season in every sense of the word, yesterday we started the league off on the right foot.

A painful end to a disappointing season

The season has come to an end in England and obviously we head into the summer break disappointed. A defeat on the Premier League’s final weekend was the worst way to finish off what hasn’t been a good campaign for anyone who is part of the Manchester United family.

A point that does little

Before anything else, I want to thank you all for your birthday messages. Waking up in the team hotel and receiving them all is something that’s incredible. I feel very fortunate for all of the care that you have shown me and I wanted to thank you all for that.

Honouring the shirt

Today I truly have no motivation to write anything. I can only imagine the disappointment and sadness that each of you have been feeling since Tuesday.