Big week

I’m writing this with my mind in Seville where, as you all know, this Wednesday we play a very important game. Yes, I know many of you want me to talk about the VAR, it’s just a few lines below ;-)… The Champions League is back and there’s a special atmosphere around here because all of us are really looking forward to having a good performance in this great tournament.

A painful defeat but we must carry on

Unfortunately this is one of those days when you don’t feel in the best mood to update your blog, neither do you to read it. It’s not easy to write after a defeat. The truth is, after losing an away game you think a lot about it on your way back home.

Always in our memory

When you have a painful defeat like the one we had by mid-week in London, against Tottenham, all you want is for the next game to start as soon as possible. We needed to show the character of the team and to react in front of our fans in order to go back to the winning path. And so we did.

A complete week

With January coming to an end we can say that we’re keeping the same level and the smile that we had when 2018 started: five wins in five games and no goals conceded yet. Obviously we are happy, aware that we are entering the decisive spell of the season.

Three freezing points at Burnley

Sundays are more relaxed after a win. On Saturday, at Turf Moor, we got three very valuable points against a team that has the ideas very clear about how to exploit the skills of their players.

Special day, match day

Today is a special day. There’s a game to play and it takes place at Old Trafford. We don’t use to play on Mondays so I’d like to tell you what we do on a match day… Well, not all the match days are the same. First of all, this one is at home, our great stadium, and in the evening. That allows us sometimes to sleep in our homes and meet up in the morning, when we will be absolutely focused on the game.