I played with Michael Carrick!

Class. On and off the pitch. That is, for sure, the best way to describe Michael in just one word. Class in every minute of his football, making things easy, understanding the game, making the right choices and always looking ahead.

Our thoughts are with Sir Alex Ferguson

This blog’s entry is going to be particularly short, if you don’t mind. This Saturday, all of us were overwhelmed by the news about Sir Alex Ferguson’s health condition.

A little bit closer

April is coming to an end, and so is this season. It’s still soon to make an analysis of the year, but after games like this Sunday’s at Old Trafford you can’t help thinking that there are only four more games to play and that the end of the season is very close. We want to finish in the best possible way.

Four games and… back to Wembley!

Two wins in the same week, including the ticket to the FA Cup final, have been a boost of confident for the team in order to face with optimism the last five games: two games at home, two more away and the visit to Wembley to close the season.

No excuses, a disappointing week

I know that you don’t want to read anything after a defeat like this one, that any comments made after the game sound like hollow words. I’m not trying to explain anything here, or to make an excuse, I just want to keep this weekly meeting with you.