Mata reached 10 again

Juan has scored at least a ten goals in five of his six seasons in England. In the 2016-17 season, he scored so many decisive and high quality goals and contributed in key moments for United to conquer the EFL Cup and the Europa League.

Juan Mata´s goalscoring ability has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. Specifically, in five of the six seasons he has played in England, the Spaniard has reached (or surpassed) the ten goals. Last season was no exception. Juan reached the ten goals despite his absence in several games after undergoing surgery.

Mata’s goals in the 2016-17 campaign helped in key moments, such as the EFL Cup semi-finals against Hull City (already decisive against City in the fourth round) or the Europa League in the round of 16 against Rostov. Two tournaments, by the way, that United ended up conquering.

Other goals were not so far-reaching, but they stood out for their beauty. Leicester, champion of the Premier 2015-16, suffered Juan´s precision in the two rounds they faced United. Also Watford players can testify to the talent of the Spanish player.

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