Mata joins Formula 1 with Alpine and the historic Renault Group

Juan has become a strategic investor in the French team through Otro Capital. Along with him are other world-class athletes, such as Patrick Mahomes, Rory McIlroy and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Juan Mata has been showing for years that his interests go far beyond football. With numerous cultural concerns and a great willingness to collaborate in solidarity events, he is also passionated about other sports. In this sense, his entry is framed – through the Otro Capital group – as a strategic investor in Alpine Racing Ltd, the Formula 1 team supported by the historic Renault Group.

“I am very curious about what I can learn from the F1 world, and having the rare chance to join a historical team like Alpine, together with other athletes from different disciplines is a good opportunity to do so. Looking forward to this different and new adventure,” wrote Juan in LinkedIn.

Otro Capital is a private investment fund that focuses its activity in the areas of sports, media, games and entertainment. The fund, which announced last June an investment of 200 million euros in Alpine (24% of the brand value), has revealed six names that are part of this powerful economic movement. The payroll is luxury. In addition to Mata, there are two representatives from the NFL (Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce), one from the world of golf (Rory McIlroy), a boxer (Anthony Joshua) and another footballer (Trent Alexander-Arnold). The involvement of the six, who have been or are part of the international elite of their modalities, will give a notable boost to Alpine’s global projection.

Renault’s winning brand

The team debuted its new name in 2021, but it carries a historical seal. Renault has won the Drivers’ Championship twice (with Fernando Alonso) and the Constructors’ Championship twice. He has 102 podiums and 35 victories in Formula 1.

“Joining forces with Otro Capital in this investment in Alpine F1 is a unique opportunity for me. I firmly believe in the growth of this sport and I am confident that Alpine is the right team for a partnership. Their history as a team united with the commercial and industrial experience of Otro Capital form the perfect combination for success,” says Juan, who had been very interested in making an investment like this for some time, and within the framework of a spectacular sport characterized by precision, tradition and teamwork.

The Asturian footballer traveled to Suzuka at the end of September, coinciding with the Grand Prix held on that Japanese circuit, to get to know the world of F1 up close and everything that moves it, both inside and outside the races.

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