Juan recognises UNICEF work

On World Refugee Day, Mata shared a video on social networks of the organization. It tells the story of four children who have been taken in Sevilla. The player cooperates with UNICEF since 2011.

On June 20, the World Refugee Day, Juan Mata has shared on Twitter and Facebook a video of UNICEF. The video, under the motto ‘To accept is human’, tells the story of Mina, Ahmed, Alpha and Karol, four children living in a Reception Centre in Sevilla. Four people who transmit an example of overcoming a very complex life situation.

Through these publications on social networks, Juan Mata has again demonstrated its closeness and commitment to an organization he cooperates since 2011. That year he was appointed Friend of UNICEF Valencia. Their relationship has also been favored by the partnership between Manchester United and UNICEF UK.

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