Juan unites football and travelling on his innovative ‘MataMundi’

A trip through 4 continents with more than 40 countries and 174 stadiums around the world. This is ‘MataMundi‘, Juan Mata’s new experience for all his supporters. A trip around all and each one of the stadiums Juan Mata has played in throughout his successful career.

This voyage started around 2006 at the Estadio Municipal de Castalia in Castellón and ten years later it hasn’t ended. Juan has had the privilege of playing at mythical stadiums like Mestalla, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, Soccer City, Kiev’s Olympic stadium and many others, maybe not so heard of. Nevertheless, each one of them has its magic, histories and indelible memories.

Maximum Impact

‘MataMundi’s reception couldn’t have been better. Apart from the plenty of messages Juan has received on his social networks, several foreign media companies have published something about it. This is the case of FoxSports or ESPN, who have highlighted ‘MataMundi’s start up.

Innovative Experience

With the help of ImagoSport and Flexo, Juan chose to gather and localize all these stadiums in a map to offer a pioneer experience for all his supporters. Nobody has done something like this before.

Thanks to ‘MataMundi’ users might go on an online trip through plenty of pictures and locations of the stadiums that have had something to do with Mata. Juan feels privileged to have been able to visit so many places and now he wants to share his experiences with everybody so that you can enjoy as much as he did during all these years.

With this project Juan unites his football passion with his hobby: Travelling.  ‘MataMundi’ is a job that takes advantage of the current technology and that tries, in some way, to send a huge thank you to all his supporters and friends from around the globe.

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