A list of winners only for a few

The Europa League won in Sweden is added to a list of winners in which there is also a Champions League, a World Cup and an Eurocup. Juan has been champion in eight of the 12 finals he has played, with a leading role in several of them.

The Europa League conquered by Manchester United in Stockholm adds another piece of silverware to a list of winners only within reach of a few people. Juan Mata´s list of winners is spectacular. At an international level, he has won the most important trophies, both in club competitions and national teams.

The Champions League, the Europa League (twice), the World Cup and the Euro Cup are in Juan’s curriculum. He has won titles in all the teams he has played in his career (Valencia, Chelsea and Manchester United). In addition, he was part of the best Spanish team in history. He was crowned world champion in South Africa and European champion in the summer of 2012. In the middle of the two achievements, he was champion and was chosen best player of the Under-21 Euro 2011 Tournament.

He has won eight of the 12 finals in which he has participated with his clubs. A remarkable effectiveness that reaches 100% with United’s jersey, with which has won the four finals United has reached (2015-16 FA Cup, 2016-17 Community Shield, 2016-17 EFL Cup and 2016-17 Europa League). Likewise, he usually plays the leading role in his team’s successes. In Stockholm, as it happens, Mata contributed in the two goals with which ManU beat Ajax.

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