Mata’s 100th game ends in stalemate

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United drew against Leicester at Old Trafford. Juan reached his 100th appearance with the United jersey. These are his numbers since his arrival to the club: 24 goals and 18 assists.

Manchester United drew against Leicester (1-1) at Old Trafford in a thrilling game. The Red Devils were near to beat the leader but they had to put up with a draw, that complicates United hopes to play the Champions League. Juan started the game from the bench and played the last 30 minutes, reaching his 100 appearance for the Red Devils.

Mata replaced Lingard in the 61 minute, played on the right of the attack although he soon started to move to other positions to taking more responsibility in the attack. But Leicester’s defense hold the home team until the end.

Mata’s appearance help him to continue with his own record, he has played in all the 35 games in the Premier. In the other hand in his 100 games with United has scored 24 goals and assisted 18 times.


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