Mata´s record on twitter turns three

Juan goal in the European Championship final against Italy caused 15,358 tweets per second. Never before that figure was reach in a sporting event.

15,358 tweets per second. That was the magnitude of the torrent caused in Twitter by Mata’s goal against Italy. Today we celebrate three years of that historic moment, it was 1 July 2012. It will also be remembered, because it rounded off THE result in the final of the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

It was the 88 minute when Juan took advantage of pass from Torres to score the definitive 4-0. Torres ball past Buffon and Mata sent the ball to the net despite Bonucci´s desperate attempt to save the goal. Twitter was boiling already (it was recorded a total of 16.5 million comments during the final), but Mata’s goal raised the temperature to reach a higher record. Never before, a sports event, had caused the flood of characters in a second. 15,358 tweets followed the last goal of Spain in the tournament. Even more than in the Barcelona-Chelsea Champions League semi-final or the final of the Super Bowl that same year.

It is not unusual that Juan, an active profile on social networks, call the attention of Twitter users. This season, he starred with his goal at Anfield, the moment with more comments from the Premier 2014-2015. that is why he was awarded , after a vote of the fans, with the best goal of the season for Manchester United.

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