The intervention of Juan in ‘Salvados’ leader of audience

Mata spoke with Jordi Évole of the ‘ bubble ‘ that is created around the elite players. Also from its beginnings as a professional and your hobbies. More than 2.6 million people followed their statements (14.3 % of ‘share’).

Juan Mata starred Sunday of ‘Saved’. The United player received in Manchester journalist Jordi Évole to discuss everything about football: contracts worth millions, young isolated from social reality, parents who push their children from a young age trying to become over time in professional… Juan’s conversation with Jordi came in the framework of a program entitled ‘More than just sport’, in which the history of Carolina Pascual (rhythmic gymnastics Olympic Silver in Barcelona ’92) and Virginia Berasategui (Triathlon World Champion in 2003).

Juan, world and Europe champion with Spain, acknowledged that footballers live in a bubble. Asked about his salary, which he described as “a bit silly to society, normal in the world of football.” Mata recalled the importance of being well advised and cited the danger of getting used to having an easy life. It also said its beginnings in the elite (his first professional contract -in Castilla, presentation with Valencia…) and his fondness for reading.

The program ‘More than just sport’ had a great impact on Twitter (TT in Spain for hours). In addition, numerous media picked up the words of Juan, who replied bluntly to all the questions raised by the interviewer.

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