The positive power of football

Streetfootballworld, the organization of which Juan is global ambassador, is celebrating these days the Festival 16 in Lyon. It is an official event of the European Cup that brings together 80 delegations of young people that uses football as an integrating tool for people with problems.

Streetfootballworld, a global non-profit organization of which Juan is global ambassador, helds these days in Lyon the streetfootballworld Festival 16. It is an official event of the European Cup in France which counts with the support of UEFA, the French Government, the European Parliament and Adidas- it began on June 28 and runs until July 7.

The Festival 16, of global nature, is based on the positive potential of football. It gathers 80 delegations of disadvantaged young people, who have in common the commitment to use this sport to improve the world. Organized by streetfootballworld and Sport dans la Ville association (where the event takes place) is a football festival, fair play and culture. The largest of its kind held to date.

Streetfootballworld, founded in 2002 and inspired by the shock of the assassination of the Colombian defender Andrés Escobar in 1994, brings together more than 100 organizations working in more than 60 countries to help, through football, to young people with problems. Juan Mata was named global ambassador on 29 April. He became the first to receive this award from streetfootballworld.

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