Happy return to the Champions

United beats Bruges 3-1 in the frst leg of the qualifying round. Juan Mata, as in the Premier, started the game and disputed the 90 minutes.

Juan Mata returned to the Champions with a victory, United won Bruges 3-1 at Old Trafford. The Spanish player, once more in the line-up, played the full match. This fact is nothing new, in fact, Juan has disputed the 90 minutes in the three official matches for United in the beginning of the season. Van Gaal trust him all the way.

In this occasion, Juan did not take part in any of the goals but his movility up front was a constant nuisance for the Belgian defense. Mata had an 87% pass accuracy (between midfielders and srikers, just Schneiderlin equalled this percentage) and took part int he best chance of the game that Depay sent over the crossbar after Rooney´s back-heel pass.

Despite Mata started the game on the right, he changed positions in some actions. Juan´s ability, coupled with Januzaj and Depay speed and explosiveness, seems to be the best chance for United in big games. The final 3-1 favors United, but the second leg will not be easy. Mata and his team mates will travel to Bruges next week to secured a place in the group stage of the Champions League.

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