“I feel important and very confident”

Juan Mata attended la COPE and Onda Cero after the match against Bruges. “We´re happy with the result although we could score more goals”, stressed.

Juan Mata, once the game against Bruges finished, talked a few minutes with the Spanish radios COPE and Onde Cero about the match and United´s current affairs.

“Although we´re not in top form yet, we have won the game, that it was what we had to do. We´re happy with the result although we had chances to score more goals”, commented Juan who also talked about his role in the team: “I feel important, I´m playing every game and I have loads of confidence. It´s a promising season”.

Moreover, Mata addressed the issue of his position on the pitch: “I’ve been playing on the right since the end of last season. I feel comfortable there”. Neither missed the opportunity to praise Depay, author of two goals against Bruges: “We must be patient with him, but get used to seeing goals like these ones, because he´s very good.” Finally, he stated how he sees De Gea: “he´s very calm, and he´s traning very well. He is a great professional”.

To listen to both complete interviews click here and here.

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