The best of the season (and IV): Juan magic touches

Mata showed his great talent in many occasions during last season. His repertoire includes back heel passes, ball controls and free kicks.

With preseason just begun, memories of last year still very present. A campaign that United ended with the conquest of the FA Cup, and in which Juan returned to exhibit a special talent. An ability with ball that places him in the football´s elite. The following plays are a good example of it:

20 September 2015 (vs Southampton in the Premier): Juan contributes with a few passes, including the shot on goal, in a play where United linked 45 passes to score the 1-3 (the final result was 2-3).

30 de September 2015 (vs Wolfsburgo in Champions): A stunning back heel pass over the defense that ended in Smalling goal (the final 2-1).

2 February 2016 (vs Stoke City in the Premier): Juan collaborates with a brilliant maneuver in the 2-0 scored by Martial (voted the best goal of the season in the Premier). The clash ended 3-0.

3 April 2016 (vs Everton in the Premier): An excellent control from Juan was crucial to give continuity to a play that finished in the definitive 1-0.

Finally, a compilation of the best actions from Juan last season. Quality and variety to enjoy.

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