Mata, a scorer and key part of Spain

With his goal scored yesterday, Juan adds up 11 goals in 34 games with Spain. He scores every 129 minutes, a spectacular register baring in mind that he is not a striker.

Juan Mata returned to the Spanish national team and he did it becoming the key player against Macedonia in a 2016 Eurocup qualifying match. Man United’s player was playing his 34th match with Spain and he scored again giving the victory to Del Bosque’s team. This goal from the midfielder makes his personal scoring record raise to 11 goals, numbers that would fit better in a striker, not in a midfielder like Juan.

With this goal scored against Macedonia, Man United’s player -ex Chelsea and Valencia player- puts himself in a privileged position on the list of footballers who have scored the most amount of goals with Spain, being one of the players who needs very few minutes in order to score. Mata has played a total of 1.426 minutes, so he has scored a goal every 129.

With his numbers, also, Juan Mata becomes a key part of the Spanish selection in official games, because 81% of the scored goals have been in these kind of matches, only one of the 11 goals was scored in a friendly match.

Therefore, scoring a goal aproximately every three games – average of 0,31 goals per match-, Juan Mata has achieved to relocate his positive numbers of this beginning of season with Manchester United, a team that puts him as the cornerstone of its game. Mata is ready to be very important for Spain when the Eurocup 2016 begins, a stage in which Mata hopes to increase his record book as an international player, in which he has already played a World Cup and a Eurocup.

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