Mata to win his third title at Wembley

Community Shield is back this Sunday at 16.00pm with the United v Leicester match. Juan Mata returns to a pitch in which he has won two trophies and being extremely decisive himself. The last of the cups was won just a few months ago.

This Sunday Juan Mata returns to Wembley for the Community Shield. Every player thinks this English’s football temple is an incentive, an attraction. In Mata’s case, his sensations go further. When he steps into the pitch at 16.00 pm to face Leicester he will be at the same pitch in which he won two FA Cups in season 2011-12 and 2015-16.

In the first of them with Chelsea’s shirt, Juan was key on the semifinals and the final itself. In the second to last round (that was also played at Wembley), the Asturian contributed with a goal and two assists against Tottenham (1-5). In the match for the title he passed the ball to Ramires in the first goal against Liverpool. The match ended up with a 2-1 and Juan lifted up his first Cup in England just days before the conquest of the Champions.

The circle was closed the last 21st of May. A shot from the Spaniard forced extra time in the final game against Crystal Palace. In extra time, Manchester United scored the 1-2. Mata was key again at Wembley. This is a situation he wants to repeat against Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester.

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