The perfect week for Mata

Juan receives the call from Del Bosque after taking the lead in the Premiership and amaze with his heel pass against Wolfsburg. He has participated in 45% of United’s goals this season. No Premier League midfielder equals his offensive production since 2011.

Del Bosque’s phone call to confront the next official matches against Luxembourg and Ukraine with Spain, ends one of the best weeks for Mata in a long time. In recent days, United’s number 8 has led his team to the top spot in the Premier, he has shocked the European football with his decisive heel pass against Wolfsburg and has been selected again by Vicente del Bosque to defend Spain in the qualifiers for Euro.

The media coverage of Juan has brought a lot of data, some of the data being quite shocking. With his brilliant backheel pass and the penalty transformed against Wolfsburg, the player from Burgos has achieved at least one goal and one assist in Champions League games with three different teams (Valencia, Chelsea and United). In the squad of the Red Devils, no other player has ellaborated more goals than him. He has been a key player in the making of ten goals (four goals and six assists). Depay follows him with seven. He has participated in 45% of Man United’s this season’s goals.

Since coming to the Premier in 2011, no offensive midfielder has beaten him in offensive production. With goals and assists, John has been part of 75 decisive game-plays this season (36 goals, 39 assists). Behind are Silva (73), Yaya Touré (69) and Hazard (66). Ahead, only four strikers, and what strikers! Aguero, Van Persie, Rooney and Suarez. Arsenal will be the next opponent to meet Mata’s exceptional form. At stake, being on top of the Premier League (Sunday at 16 local time).

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