Three points to keep the fight on

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Manchester United beat Watford (1-2) in a difficult match. Juan Mata was a starter, like in all Premier matches this season. Van Gaal’s team doesn’t concede points in the battle for the title.

United achieved a suffered win at Vicarage Road against Watford (1-2). Juan Mata was a starter, like in the previous 12 games of the Premier. The triumph, stamped on the 90′, reinforces Man United on their fight for the title.

Juan started on the right wing, his usual influence zone this season. Nevertheless, Ander’s injury (he gave an assist to Depay on the 0-1) changed the scenary. United ended up playing with three centrebacks and two wing men (Young and Blind). Thus, Mata centred his position and moved along the centre forward position. On the 79′ he was substitued by Andreas Pereira amidst the crowd’s applause. A little earlier, a pass from him ended up with a shot from Depay that went off target by little. Juan left the pitch with an 86% of passing accuracy (the best among the attacking players).

The match was solved in the last minutes. Deeney scored the equaliser from the penalty spot and three minutes later he rejected a shot from Schweinsteiger and the ball went in his own goal. De Gea, who made a couple of good saves, had to see how his unbeated period ended, but United left with three points. On wednesday, at Old Trafford, Man United vs PSV in Champions. Predictably, Juan might be on the starting eleven again.


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