Top scoring midfielder of the Premier League

Since his signing for United, Juan Mata has scored 17 goals while playing. In this period of time, Hazard and Touré have scored 14. He has a better scoring average in this competition than when he played for Chelsea.

Mata’s astonishing performance against Sunderland ended up with a goal and an assist. During the 7 game-weeks of the current Premier League, the Spaniard has scored three goals and has given three assists. With the three goals scored until now, Juan adds up 18 goals in League since he wears Man United’s shirt. Of all of them, only one has been a penalty.

His numbers towards the rival’s goal are extraordinary for a player who isn’t a striker. Perhaps only one stat confirms his merit: During his career at United, no midfielder on the Premier has scored as many times as him. Eden Hazard and Yaya Touré, two of the stars of the competition, have scored 20 goals in this period. Nevertheless, six of them have been from the penalty spot.

In 55 Premier League games with United, Juan has scored 18 goals. The same amount of goals he scored for Chelsea during 83 games. His scoring average has increased from 0,21 goals per match to 0,31. Man United’s top of the League position can’t be understood without Mata’s offensive performance, indispensable for Van Gaal.

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