Unbeatable numbers

Juan Mata´s relevance in Manchester United is credited for his fantastic numbers last year. Next Saturday against Tottenham at Old Trafford, will debut in the Premier.

Manchester United will make their debut in the 2015-16 Premier League next Saturday at Old Trafford against Tottenham. A year where they must fight for all the possible titles. An ambitious aim which will have Mata´s contribution as their trump card.

The Spaniard, in his third season as a Red Devil, is already an icon for the club. Apart from his talent creating offensive football, there´s his outstanding scoring ability (ten goals last season). Most of the statistics endorse Juan the importance in United system. Last season had a credited 36% in shots on goal (the best in the Premier among the players who scored at least five goals) and 90% accuracy on the pass (best percentage of the team, tied with Carrick). He was also, along with Di Maria, the player who created more chances (51).

Nine of the goals Mata netted last season where in the Premier. Those nine goals, some of them to be framed, gave United ten points in the competition. No player gave more to his team and no midfielder, since Paul Scholes in 2005, had reached ten goals wearing the United kit.

Much of the United options go through Mata, whose main offensive partners, as seen in preseason, could be Depay and Rooney. Juan accepts the challenge while counting the hours until the kick off on Saturday at Old Trafford.

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