A break at home

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing to you from Asturias, shortly before boarding a plane back to Manchester. After a very good week of training I got the weekend off and I thought a good idea to visit my family and friends. I was right. Coming home is always great…

It’s been just a few hours, but good enough to switch off from football, rest with my people and enjoy this natural paradise called Asturias. The fall season here is spectacular. There arecolourful trees everywhere and the landscapes are stunning. And it’s barely rained this weekend… Apart from that, of course, I had lunch at my grandparents, which is priceless when you live far from home.

Some of you have asked me about the first thing I do when I come to Asturias. As you can imagine, as soon as I leave the plane I go to see the ones I love. Sometimes I don’t tell them than I’m coming, and give them a surprise… I like to see their reaction and how happy they get. They are the best. I also meet my all-time friends, even if only two of them are living here now. But we try to meet up whenever we can: Asturias, Madrid, Manchester…

Coming home makes me feel full or energy and I will keep doing that no matter how far I am.

I have to leave you now as it’s time to board on the plane, but before that I want to congratulate Marc Márquez for his second MotoGP world championship. Being so young, this is an extraordinary achievement. He has limitless ambition.

I say goodbye now. I’m on my way back to Manchester looking forward to our game against West Brom next Monday, the one that closes the eighth week. I’m sure we will work very well on it during these coming days in order to get a new victory.

Thank you for your support!

Juan Mata


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