Football is something to enjoy

Hi everyone,

I’m writing these lines right before going to bed. This weekend has been spectacular at the beginning, but very sad at the end due to issues unrelated to sport.

On Saturday we won the first of two consecutive games in Old Trafford in just four days. The team had a solid performance with spells of very good football. Personally, I enjoyed myself a lot on the pitch. We were better than Hull since the beginning, with several chances to score and a high percentage of ball possession that we used to play some nice football that I think our fans did like. That is the way to go! With the players we have I believe we are capable of playing football that is good and effective at the same time.

Ángel’s injury is a pity; we hope he gets fit again soon. As for Wayne’s problems, hopefully it’s nothing too serious. In this regard, we keep being really unfortunate with so many injuries.

After the game, in the dressing room, the feeling was that we had played a good game to be proud of, because it had showed all our efforts in the training sessions during the week. This win adds up to a good run of results. Let’s hope to consolidate that in December, a very busy month that can take us closer to our goals. For a start, we play Stoke City this Tuesday, again at home.

Sunday didn’t start the same way. After finishing the training session we were told about the incidents in Madrid prior to the game between Atlético and Deportivo. Sadness and incredulity. I can’t find the words to describe it. As any other sport, football should help to unite, not to divide. Sports are something people should have fun with. We should enjoy moments of happiness and big emotions; obviously we will be disappointed with the bad results but we must respect each other. That’s why I don’t -and I will never- understand this kind of violent episodes around football, nor in any other context.

This is not the first time that something like this happens, in Spain or here in England. Such barbarisms must be eradicated, once and for all, through education and common sense.
I would like football to keep uniting cultures and making people happy. At least that’s what I try to do: to enjoy and make the fans enjoy as well. If you don’t mind I’m not going to talk about la Liga today, but I want to send a big hug to the true supporters that really mean something to our sport. In particular, to the members of my fan club in Valencia because they keep supporting me from there. Thank you for all your messages through all these years! You are great 🙂

In this post I would like you to recommend some music bands, especially from the 60’s and 70’s. I’m sure you like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who… 😉 Who else?

I hope we can win again at home next Tuesday, against Stoke.

Thank you for always being there. See you next week.

Big hug to all,

Juan Mata


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