Giving up is not an option

Hi everyone,

Once again, unfortunately, this is a blog post I wouldn’t like to have written, and the same for you to read it. It comes after yet another defeat. I was confident that we were going to get the three points on Saturday in Old Trafford, but that was not the case. We are in a complicated situation and in order to get out of it we have to stick together and believe in ourselves so we can get a positive result as soon as possible. We all feel frustrated, same as last week, and we need to win a game as quickly as possible because it will change our mood and give us confidence, I’m sure of that. Our next chance to do it will be in Boxing Day at Stoke, and that’s not an easy game.

No matter how tough the situation can be, I’m not even thinking about giving up. That’s my attitude day after day, I try to give the maximum regardless of things going well or bad. I believe that’s the only way to get out of this bad streak: keep working hard and sooner or later we will get the results that we want. It’s time to prepare the next game, show our strength as a group and make the most of all these fixtures in the Christmas period so we can start a good run of results.

We are really disappointed for not giving you what you deserve, because your support is amazing and unconditional, but I’m sure that we will turn this situation around.

I wish you a happy festive season. Hugs,

Juan Mata


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