Hoping to go to Wembley

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we are still going through complicated moments. I know that you don’t need to read more posts like this one, or more words from me or my team-mates trying to explain every game. I know that you need wins, and obviously we need them too. But I take this weekly encounter with you to tell you that I’m sure things are going to change. We have the opportunity to move forward in such a nice competition as the FA Cup, the possibility of a comeback in the Europa League after our bad game in Denmark in the first leg, and there are still some weeks in the Premier League to try to shorten the gap with other teams and fight for the Champions League spots. All those things can happen; however, we must get better with regard to the last few games… And I’m sure that we will do it. The first goal is an away win against Shrewsbury Town. It’s the game of the year for them and if we don’t give our maximum they will be tough to beat.

I don’t want to extend too much, just to repeat that the goal is to improve in the last third of the season, because there’s nothing impossible in football. We can still finish the season fighting for trophies and qualifying to be in Europe the next year.

I always prefer to face things with a positive attitude, and your support helps me to do so.


Juan Mata


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