May the streak goes on!

Hi everyone:

The truth is, after a game like Saturday’s, I realise once again how nice football can be, and how much you enjoy the few days following a victory and a good performance. I still have a smile on my face 🙂 To spend a relaxed Sunday knowing that you have done your job is priceless. And it was not an easy thing to do in St. James’ Park, but the team delivered and we got three more points to keep this great streak on away games.

After the match I was very happy from a personal point of view; moreover, I was really pleased with the effort made by all players to win, and it’s a key victory to try to climb on the table and to go to Germany full of confidence.

I scored and enjoyed on the pitch again; I wish the streak goes on until the end of the season. As I said after the game, I have a very good understanding with my team-mates and I was also very happy with Chicha and Adnan’s goals.

By the way, you may wonder about my celebration with De Gea… The reason is that we had been practising free-kicks the day before and David said I was going to score against Newcastle… because that day I was misfiring all my shots! And so it happened 🙂

This victory gives us a lot of energy for our game in Munich on Wednesday. In the first leg, the support from Old Trafford was our power to cope with such a tough game. It was a great night that I had to enjoy from the stands. On Wednesday I’ll be supporting from home, in front of the TV, aware that the Allianz Arena is one of the toughest stadiums in Europe… but also aware that we are Manchester United and I’m sure we can make it through!

In Spain it seems the battle for the title will be thrilling until the very end. The top-three teams won, including Atlético, who had a complicated match, and Real Madrid, in a remarkable 0-4 in Anoeta, Real Sociedad’s fortress. At this stage they all know that dropping one single point can make the difference and that is stressing… At the bottom of the table things are yet to be decided. In that regard, Elche’s victory against Getafe was one of the main games of the weekend.

Last week I visited Lymm, a village full of historical buildings surrounded by canals. A perfect place to relax and forget about everything. Since we don’t play the next weekend I may try another escape somewhere else. I invite you to make suggestions 😉

Once again, thank you very much for your support and for your recent messages. I read you! I hope I can keep my good streak!


Juan Mata


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