No time for mourning, let’s carry on!

Hi everyone,

As you can imagine, especially those who read this blog week after week, this is one of those days when writing is a bit complicated, following a tough defeat.

The week had had a good start, winning in the FA Cup and getting to the next round -when we will be facing Arsenal- but did not finish the way we expected.

I honestly think we were close to bring home the three points, especially because the feelings on the pitch at the start of the second half were good. We played almost all the time in Swansea’s half of the pitch, but we weren’t able to take any chance and we all know that football can be capricious. We were ahead after a great goal from Ander in the first half, but were defeated later on with a lucky goal from Gomis after Shelvey’s shot.

Sometimes you win games that you don’t deserve to win, and some other times, and I think this is the case, you just don’t get what you deserve… This is football!

Now we must stand up again, look ahead and make it up to our fans the next weekend in Old Trafford against Sunderland. As I keep saying every week, and now even more, it is vital to win games. Our main rivals don’t slow down and the race for the Champions League spots is closer than ever. We are approaching the most important moment of the season and we must deliver in order to get our goals.

In Spain, another big club had a tough Saturday. Barça suffered a shocking defeat at home versus Málaga. The truth is Gracia’s team is a good bunch of young, talented players I really enjoy to watch. And this game shows that nowadays in football there is no time to relax, because every team can cause trouble…

I’m looking forward to see what happens here in Manchester this Tuesday between City and Barça. Right now both are second in their respective leagues and I can’t say which one is favourite. Luis Enrique’s team has an almost unequalled attacking power, but there are many other factors involved in a football game, and City gets here after scoring five goals against Newcastle…

On Sunday evening I watched almost at the same time Spanish basketball -the last minutes of the Copa del Rey final, congratulations to Real Madrid-, and la Liga’s game between Elche and Real Madrid.

In the Martínez Valero, the local team worked hard in defence during the first half, but at the end Real Madrid’s quality decided the match.

Before saying goodbye, I’ve just read on the news that the crash involving my fellow countryman Fernando Alonso in Montmeló is not too serious apparently. I hope so, I hope everything was just a scary moment so he can achieve great things this season. Get well soon, Fernando.

By the way, as I write these lines I’m listening to Hozier’s album -that I recommend- and watching a bit of the Oscars… What was your favourite movie?

Thank you for your unconditional support and have a nice week! Hugs!

Juan Mata


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