Seven games in 22 days! ?

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing from Asturias, my home in Northern Spain, where I have enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my friends and family. It’s always good to switch off for a few days, and being with my people is the best way to do it. Besides, this is a good moment to gather some strength ahead of this month. September is going to be very demanding for us with seven games in just 22 days. We’ve had a very good start in the Premier League and the challenge now is not only to keep the same level, but to do the same in the rest of the competitions as well: Champions League, Carabao Cup… It’s a football marathon and we can prove that we have a squad full of good players who are willing to put their skills at the service of the team. As you know, there have been many rumours about signings here and there before the end of the transfer market. In our case, these days have been relatively quiet, since the squad was closed with Zlatan’s return. I’d like to wish the best of luck to Andreas Pereira in Valencia, he’s a great player and I hope he has a good season and the fans can enjoy it.

The Premier League is back this week and we’re going to focus on our visit to Stoke City, always a difficult game. After that we will start thinking about the Champions League nights, which are back at Old Trafford, finally.

Tomorrow I will get myself some time to attend the Soccerex Global Convention. This football forum is one of the biggest in the world related to our sport and I will have the opportunity to address the audience and talk about Common Goal. We keep moving forward with this initiative and we can feel the enthusiasm of many people who are joining us and showing their interest about this project. More professional players have become part of the team recently, you will know their names very soon! We are very excited about this. We feel that we can make the dream come true and help many people through our beloved sport. Thank you all for welcoming Common Goal and, as I said, we will share great news with you soon. Just be patient ;-).

This weekend has been full of international games and I’d like to highlight that my friend ‘El Guaje’ Villa was back with the Spanish team that defeated Italy. He’s undoubtedly one of the greatest strikers in the history of our country, an absolutely phenomenal player! Congratulations, ‘Guaje’, you deserve it! Also, Spain’s basketball team has had a fantastic start in the Eurobasket, winning the first two games by a wide margin. A few names in the squad have changed but the team’s core and spirit remains the same. The fans love the team because it transmits on the court the good atmosphere they have in the dressing room. I consider this a key factor in every group of people in order to perform at their best and get to their goals, both in sports and in life.

The Vuelta a España is also taking place these days. It’s being a very interesting race and there’s still one week to go before the final stage in Madrid.

I’m signing off now. I hope we can extend our good start of the season to the next few games. Have a nice week.


Juan Mata


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