A very special date

Hi everyone,

I’m not writing much today. It’s Christmas, a very special day in many places around the world, so I just hope you can spend the day in the company of your beloved ones. I do want to take this opportunity, being Christmas day, to say thanks to a lot of people: to those who live the day-to-day with hope despite the difficulties; to those who can see the bright side in every situation; to those who believe that all of us working together can make the world better; and especially to those who dedicate their time and effort to help others. It all can be sustained with the help of sports, which is, in my opinion, a wonderful and universal link, and I want you to know that all the messages, photos and videos that we share throughout the year make me very happy.

The last week hasn’t been very positive for us in terms of results. And for the record, scoring two goals is something very special, even more because it was my 300th game in England, but we should never forget that football is a team sport: the individual success is based on the success of the team. So, when we miss, we all miss, and when we succeed, is the group who wins. We will work hard in order to have many more wins than defeats in 2018.

This coming Tuesday is Boxing Day, one of the most special days in the Premiership, and also an extraordinary opportunity to prove that we know how to achieve big things this season and that we want to. And we play at Old Trafford so it will be even better. A win against Burnley in a good game would be a very nice way to bring joy to our fans so they can enjoy a great day. I hope so, and I hope we can do the same four days later against Southampton, in the last game of the year.

My family is here at home with me, so I’m leaving you now ;). Happy festive season to those who celebrate it.


Juan Mata


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