A break to gather our strength

Hi everyone,

I am writing this first blog post of 2019 from Dubai. Last Saturday, after beating Reading in the FA Cup, we went straight to the airport to come here, where we will spend most of the week at a mini winter training camp. After playing five games in two weeks, this little break comes at a good time, where we have time to be with our team-mates, build our team spirit further and gather our strength for the second half of the season. They also say that the sun makes your body produce vitamin D, which is good for your health :).

What helps our confidence most is to win. The victories, as is always the case, came at a great time for the team. We are enjoying a great period of form and we are going to fight to extend it as far as we can, enjoying the journey as much as possible. The game against Reading, honestly, wasn’t the best we’ve played of late, but with the confidence that we have and the unconditional support at Old Trafford we were able to get through to the next round of the FA Cup. The next challenge on the horizon is tough, paying Spurs a visit in London. This will take place on Sunday and it is a great chance to show everything that we have been talking about.

The only bad thing about the trip to Dubai was not being able to spend Three Kings’ Day at home, something that I’ve told you about in the past, which is special and magical in Spain. It makes us all feel a bit like children again. I hope that when I get back, I have some kind of gift waiting.

I won’t go on any further for today. I wish you all a very happy 2019!


Juan Mata


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