A point that does little

Hi everyone,

Before anything else, I want to thank you all for your birthday messages. Waking up in the team hotel and receiving them all is something that’s incredible. I feel very fortunate for all of the care that you have shown me and I wanted to thank you all for that.

It was a different birthday for me because it was a match day, and on top of that we were playing a very important game that was also special because it was against Chelsea. A dream for anyone who loves this sport. The match was, as we expected, very hard fought and exciting. We started very well, dominating the game and I had the chance to put the team in front. Scoring a goal at Old Trafford is always amazing, it is a feeling that is difficult to put into words.

Sadly, they equalised and a point does little for us given the state of the league table. We felt as though we could have won, but right now the only thing that we can do is to look ahead and be optimistic.

There is no time to feel sorry for ourselves, we have to focus on winning on Sunday against Huddersfield and also our final game of the season against Cardiff to see where that leaves us in the league table. It is far from ideal but we can only do what is within our control, we can’t do anything else about the rest. The end of the campaign is the time to analyse everything and reflect back on what has happened, not now.

In other countries their leagues are also drawing to an end. I want to congratulate Barça, Juventus, PSG and other champions who have won their divisions. All of them are deserved. Congratulations to their fans.

Hugs, and thank you again for all of your messages, I hope you all have a good week.

Juan Mata


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