A very demanding month

Hi everyone,

Here in Manchester you still can’t say that Spring is coming, but we are already in March and we know we are getting closer to the decisive weeks of the season. We will need to give everything in the next games to get our goals; for a start, the day after tomorrow against Newcastle in the Premier League, and next Monday against Arsenal in the FA Cup. We will also play Tottenham and Liverpool in March, so it’s not an exaggeration to describe this month as one of the most demanding ones this season.

Having lost at Swansea, it was really important to beat Sunderland last Saturday and get the three points. We remain in the Champions League spots but you just need to have a look at the table to realise how close this race is going to be until the end of the season. We are ready for that, although all we think about is trying to win all the games left. Starting this coming Wednesday in St. James’ Park, a stadium that brings back some good memories because I scored several goals there.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Chelsea for winning the Capital One Cup final against Tottenham. I have many former team-mates and friends there and I’m happy for them. It was a close game but they were able to make the difference in key moments to win the game.

In Spain I also want to congratulate my friend and former team-mate Alberto Bueno, who managed to score four goals in the Rayo vs Levante… in just 15 minutes! He is a very talented player and I’m happy that he’s doing well!

Meanwhile, in the top spots, Barcelona ended what has been a good week for them by beating Granada, whereas Real Madrid couldn’t get more than one point against Villarreal, a very combative side whose football is -nearly always- very good. So things get closer again at the top…

As for my former team-mates in Valencia, hats off to them after yet another win. Regardless of how they stand on the table, I think 53 points in 25 games is a great achievement.

Today I want to say goodbye saying ‘thanks’ to all for the experience we lived last Monday at a school with the Manchester United Foundation. It was very gratifying to be there and see the work all these people do with the kids. To be honest, it was great fun to spend some time with the guys; however, the ones we really have to praise are those who give their time altruistically in order to build a more equitable society.

Hugs to all and have a nice week.

See you next Monday.

Juan Mata


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