Another good preparatory test

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing to you from the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas, Madrid. This is Spain’s training camp and, as always, the place where we get ready for our next game, in this case against Belgium.

To be honest, after the terrible events that have taken place in Paris, and in other cities, it’s not easy to talk about football or friendly games. What really matters is nothing but to eliminate, completely, once and for all, events like those in the last few days… This kind of actions are impossible to understand. Once again I send all my affection to the families of the victims in Paris, and in every place in the world that has been shaken by the terrorism and barbarity, for this is something that, sadly, is happening more and more often… It’s difficult to express with words such a feeling of incredulity and disbelief. It makes you think where our world is going to, where are we taking our world to… I hope we can live together in peace one day, without these atrocities.

To tell you briefly about the match against England, it was a special game for me because I played against team-mates and colleagues in the Premier League. We won thanks to Mario’s superb goal (one of the best ones I have seen ‘on site’) and Santi Cazorla’s perfect finish. The bad news were Thiago and Michael Carrick’s injuries, I hope it’s nothing serious and both of them can recover as soon as possible…

As I was saying at the beginning, we play against Belgium this Tuesday. They have a young squad full of talent, they did well in the last World Cup and I’m sure they are aiming higher in the Euro 2016. They’re good enough for that. It will be nice to play against former team-mates like Hazard or De Bruyne. I hope we can see a nice game.

It’s time to sign off. Thank you for all your comments. As I told you before, I hope we never see again events like the ones that, sadly, have been happening often in recent years…

Have a nice week. Hugs,

Juan Mata


PS: I’m happy to see that the game in Old Trafford last Saturday was a success. I was told that the stadium was full. When it comes to the club legends going back home to play football, together with so many world-class players, there is always big expectation. It’s always nice when this kind of initiatives get such a huge support.

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