Back again to the FA Cup

Hi everyone,

Sundays after a win are always nice and quite. And it wasn’t easy this time…

We already knew how tough it is to play at Loftus Road… I’m not quite sure about its dimensions but from the pitch I’d say it’s the smallest one in the league. But what matters is that we fought hard and were able to win. We made several chances throughout the entire game and finally we got three valuable points thanks to the goals from Felli and James. QPR played their cards, as we expected, and they were also dangerous when sending long balls to the attacking players, but David, once again, was a wall. Winning this weekend was even more important since all the teams in the top side of the table -except Manchester City- won their games. There’s still a long way to go; we have to keep pushing and be at a high level because our main rivals will do the same. We want to get in top form to the crucial weeks of the season.

Now it’s time for the FA Cup, this is a competition that I like very much as I have said here many times. Perhaps it is because I was lucky to win it in my first year in England and I have good memories from those games at Wembley. We play against Cambridge United, from League Two. I believe they are not going to make things easier for us in their stadium.

I watched a lot of sports on TV this Sunday… In Spain the top three teams did their job. The fight for la Liga title continues. I would like to congratulate Fernando Torres for his goals in the Copa del Rey, I’m sure they gave them a lot of confidence. What an impressive way to score again with Atlético.

From here I also send my congrats to Marc Coma after winning his 5th Dakar. Amazing. And now that the Rally is over the Handball World Championship starts, where Spain is aiming to win back-to-back titles; and the Australian Open too, it’ll be interesting to follow the tennis games in these couple of weeks…

Big hug to all of you, have a good week.


PS: It was nice to see Ferdinand again. We were together in United for just five months but he always treated me very well… Good luck Rio!

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