Our fans deserved that trophy… Thank you all for your support throughout the season

Hi everyone,

This is the last post of the season and, obviously, I would’ve liked it to be very different. Losing the last game of the season, in such an special occasion as the FA Cup final, is really frustrating. We wanted to finish the year with a smile, to give back all your support, but that wasn’t the case, unfortunately.

We were looking forward to the game, and we know that you were too. I’m terribly disappointed that we couldn’t win for you, because once again your support in the stadium was amazing. You deserved a different ending to the season.

As regards to the game itself, especially during the second half we had several chances to score and take the game to the extra time, but we didn’t make it, so we have to be fair and congratulate Chelsea.

Sadly, we go on holidays with the bitter taste of the defeat, that will remain for a while, but at the same time we’re already thinking about the future. We must get better and try to go back to the path of victory that defines this magnificent club and all of you.

Thank you so much for your support throughout the season, especially in the bad times like this Saturday; it means a lot to us. I know that right now words are not enough but this is all I can say to you. Thank you all. We will come back stronger.


Juan Mata


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