A break to gain momentum

Today I’m writing to you after packing my bag for Dubai, where we will spend a few different days of training. We’re taking a short break after the intense Christmas period and it’s going to be good for the team. We have played nine games in December and two more at the beginning of 2018, and now we have a whole week with no fixtures on schedule, just until next Monday. It’s kind of weird, after a long time with games every three or four days, and it comes in good timing for the whole team to spend time together and work in that area of the world with such a good climate, especially in a month like January.

Happy 2018 to all

First of all, Happy New Year! I think this is the first time that I post this on a 1st of January. I remember doing it on the last day of the year but not the first one. I wish you all a fantastic year and a lot of happiness. I’m writing this from our pre-game hotel, where we are spending New Year’s Eve in a different way.

A very special date

I’m not writing much today. It’s Christmas, a very special day in many places around the world, so I just hope you can spend the day in the company of your beloved ones. I do want to take this opportunity, being Christmas day, to say thanks to a lot of people.

We must follow our own path

As we said a week ago, we didn’t feel like remembering past games. All we wanted to do was to focus on the next challenges. The two wins that we got this week show that the team has the ability and the character to keep walking its path, moving forward instead of moaning when things don’t go the way we wanted.

Champions and derby in a crucial week

Once again I’m writing to you before an immiment match and that’s because the list of fixtures in December is very busy: from here to the end of the year we have eight games scheduled. Last week we had a double visit to London and we ended up with six points out of six. They were two tough wins, two difficult games.