The Champions League is coming!

The two words you can hear everywhere these days, both in Old Trafford and Carrington, our training complex, are Champions League. We are eager to play it again and, as you know, the play-off round is here. We don’t want to get too obsessed with that but it’s true that getting into the group stage is vital for everybody.

Blog is back!

Here I am one more season, trying to explain to you what goes through my mind after the week in the Premier League, and to answer your questions or to talk about the subjects you may propose, as always. I have to say that many people from all over the world have asked me about the blog during the summer, either when I was on holidays or with the team in the US tour.

It’s over now… but we’ll be back stronger!

This is my last blog’s entry of the season and I say goodbye until the next one. I hope you have enjoyed this weekly encounter as much as I have. You know, in the good times… and in the bad ones too. This is the end of a season with mixed feelings.

The farewell at home makes us very optimistic

What I’m going to say may sound weird but this is how I feel right now… To be honest, as I write this I’m looking forward to the next game in Old Trafford. I know it won’t happen in the next few months but playing in this stadium with this crowd is amazing… You never get tired of it…

Old Trafford deserves a farewell win

We leave behind a spring Sunday in Manchester; it’s been a good day for us after our win in Selhurst Park the day before. As you know, with those three points we are virtually qualified for the next Champions League, which is the least this club must achieve.

We need to change this streak

The weekend has not been neither easy nor happy for us… Obviously, when you lose you are in a bitter mood until the next game, so I hope the week goes by quickly and we can revert this bad streak of results.