Proud of the team

Hi everyone,

Old Trafford deserved a week like this one. We needed to improve, we needed to win these three games, and so we did. Despite suffering so many injuries lately, this team fights. We did it first on Monday, in the FA Cup. Going to Wembley is our goal and, in order to do so, we have to beat West Ham at home the next weekend. The game against Shrewsbury Town was not as easy as the score may show, precisely because it was a complicated moment for us. But the team showed character, and for sure that win was a boost of confidence for the following games that were awaiting us… On Thursday, in the Europa League, we had to overcome the 2-1 score of the first leg and, although FC Midtjylland is a well-organised team and defensively very compact, we were better and got a solid win. So we keep alive another goal: winning a trophy the club has never won, which would allow us to play the Champions League the next season. The next round is going to be special since we have been drawn against Liverpool. I’m sure they are going to be two thrilling games. We’re all very excited and looking forward to them.

Perhaps the most remarkable moment of the week has been our win against Arsenal in the Theatre of Dreams on Sunday. The first thing I want to say is that the atmosphere in the stadium was really amazing… I think our supporters were in tune with us on the importance of the game… Together we are stronger, and your support gave us the strength we needed in the last few minutes to keep the three points at home… It was an intense, thrilling match with many goals… In short, it was a great game for those who love this sport. Everybody wants to participate in a match like this, full of tension and against a big rival. And it’s because of this kind of games that I love football so much. With such a good team performance it’s never fair to highlight this or that player, but of course all of us are very happy for Marcus. He’s played just a few minutes with the first team and has already scored very important goals, showing his great potential and giving us a hint of the bright future that I’m sure he has and that I wish to him. Besides, the club’s tradition and its connection with the Academy is making the fans proud of the great moment that Marcus and other team-mates are living, for they can see that the work with the young players is being rewarded…

There is no time for celebrations though. As from now we only think about Watford. We want to keep this good moment and we want to keep winning to have a great end of the season… This coming Wednesday is the next step.

Meanwhile in la Liga, Barcelona won against a combative Sevilla in a really nice game. Atlético beat Real Madrid at the Bernabéu, and Villarreal, with another win, extended their spectacular season, including a goal from my friend Adrián López. I’m very happy for him because he had been unlucky lately with some injuries…

This has been a happier post than last week’s. As always, I’d like to thank you for your messages of support, especially when things are not the way you want. But now it’s time to enjoy this victory and make this good moment last for as long as we can!

Have a nice week. Hugs!

Juan Mata


PS: For those who love basketball I recommend you to watch Sergio Llull’s buzzer-beater, a game-winning shot worthy of Stephen Curry… Amazing.

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